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Child Loss - Community Resources That Spoke To Me

Grief friendly spaces (virtual and in person) are such a life line. There is nothing like finding your tribe of grievers. I hope you find yours. We are here, ready to embrace you. Here are some community resources that spoke to me.

Hayden's House of Healing

Hayden's House of Healing provides a safe, tranquil space for bereaved mothers, fathers, couples, children and families to heal and connect together through a variety of methods and activities offered to assist in the healing process.

I attended the September 2020 retreat, and I highly recommend it. My book will also be available for retreat attendees.

The Lucky Anchor Project

Brittany and Amy have become dear friends, and their son, Ezra and Asher, are so dear to me. I found them on Instagram and joined one of their virtual grief groups a few months after Jasper died. The women I connected with will be life long friends. Their podcast is also one of my favorites.

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